Rich with people, places, and possibilities, Furyondy is a strong bastion of good on the world of Oerth, at least until recently. Furyondy is divided into provinces, each ruled by a noble house. These include the County of Crystalreach and the Barony of Kalinstren – both bastions of defense against Iuz; the Viscounty of the March, Furyondy’s breadbasket; the Barony of Littleberg, the most diverse province; the rich Gold County, the Duchy of the Reach, and the Barony of Willip in the south. Chendl is the capital and the seat of royal power. Despite an abundance of rivers and lakes, Furyondy’s major port and the seat of her Navy is on the Nyr Dyv in the city of Willip.

Currently, the Kingdom is still war-weary from the fighting of two great wars against Iuz the Evil, but our unrelenting crusade against this Old Wicked has helped stem the tide of darkness in the Flanaess, and so our people bear their lot with quiet pride. Our leader is the pious and noble King Belvor IV, an aging paladin of Heironeous whose battle-savvy leadership got us through the great wars, and who is even now rebuilding the roads, towns, and castles damaged in the war years. Though he mourns the loss of his son, Thrommel, he continues the work of ruling his land. Rebuilding is a long and expensive process and the ongoing crusade against Old Wicked has only slowed it down.

There are many in the Flanaess who believe that Iuz is a spent force. Some may say that Old Wicked has been content to merely tease the fringes of his border states as an annoyance rather than as a true threat, but it takes time to hatch new plots and spawn unmentionable offspring; and time to delve deeper into the darkest places, creating armies that will not be vulnerable again. Now, the border states of Iuz, who have been rebuilding and reorganizing since the Flight Of Fiends, are about to discover what new nightmare Iuz The Old is ready to unleash upon the lands of the Flanaess! Are you prepared to fight?

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